Marcxell Group Zambia has collaborated on a diverse range of engineering projects throughout the state of Lusaka and with our branch company Sertico Engineering and Design in the USA. Our engineers have a combined depth of experience and expertise that allows us to provide our clients with industry-leading structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services, as well as plumbing solutions. We ensure our engineers have the resources and tools necessary to deliver these quality services while providing creative, cost-effective and fully-functional assistance for your projects. Our specialists are providing flexible construction solutions with tailored professional and technical services. Quality testing from the initial design phase of a project right through to the construction phase.

Sertico Engineering and Design has a range of accredited laboratories and a substantial fleet of equipment. Technical proficiency combined with engineering intelligence to deliver environmentally and commercially viable solutions. Civil engineering, geophysics, survey and computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)/geographical information systems (GIS).

Sertico Engineering and Design can mitigate and manage all environmental impacts on your site. Our diverse Environmental Consulting Teams include scientists, contamination specialists and geotechnical professionals to cover all aspects of your environmental site management requirements.

With our range of expertise, we can provide contamination monitoring, remediation works supervision, acid sulfate soils management and a range of other various services to help design and maintain a sustainable site infrastructure.

Our integrated knowledge of scientific and engineering disciplines ensures that we can deliver the most economical and sustainable solution for every project: client and stakeholder liaison, expert witness and strategic advice, technical reports, investigations and strategic advice to support design and planning approvals, construction and demolition management, groundwater and surface water monitoring, construction noise and vibration management, air quality assessments – asbestos, RCS, PM10, TSP and Gravimetric Dust Thermographic (GDT).


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